Delhi is the city where all varieties of food are available. From traditional street foods to international cuisines in five star hotels, everything is tasty. Food of Delhi is a tourist attraction, not only for people from other states but the food is also very famous among the people from outside country. Some of the people who taste these food urges to learn how to cook this food. Cooking classes in Delhi is again a center of attraction to the tourists. In this the local chefs teach you the basic as well as some of the advance techniques of cooking Indian food. It is an informative way to know the secrets of Indian cooking. Various tips are being shared which will help you to make the food so rich and delicious. These cooking classes teaches you everything from making simple chapatti to dishes like Dal makhani, butter chicken, etc. They also provide you with the ingredients that enhances the flavor of dish.

There are many types of cooking classes offered in Delhi. These all are as per the requirements of the guests who are going to join the classes. The basic aim of these classes is to provide you with maximum knowledge in the limited period of time. The types of classes are as follows:

  • Half Day Indian Cooking Class: This course will teach you enough to cook various kinds of Indian Meals for yourself and your family or small group. The duration of this class is 5-6 hours a day. It will cover Indian dishes like pakoras(Indian Snack), along with 2-3 types of chutney, tea, rice, Indian breads like Roti and paranthas, desserts like halwa and drinks like lassi or chaach. This course will cost you approximately Rs 7500 for single guest.
  • Full Day Indian Cooking Class: in this type of class, the guests will be taught with multi Indian cuisines. If you wish to cook Indian food regularly, one should try this course. The duration of the course is 8-9 hours a day. It covers dishes like assorted pakoras, samosa along with 2-3 chutneys, variety of chai, 1-2 daals, 3-4 kinds of vegetables, Indian breads like chapatti, paranthas, paranthas with stuffing, rice/pulao, desserts like kheer and halwa, 1-3 drinks like aam panna, lassi and sharbat. This course will cost approximately Rs12000 per guest.
  • Non Vegetarian Indian Dishes: In this basically they teach traditional non vegetarian dishes. To learn meat curries like lamb curry, butter chicken, etc will cost Rs 1500 for 2 dishes. And if you want to learn how to cook barbeque dishes like kebabs and tikkas. It will cost you Rs 1800 for 2 dishes.
  • Special Vegetarian Dishes: In this, they only teach veg Indian food. In this, they teach you the secrets how to make food more yummy with the help of the Indian spices.

These cooking classes also provide with many other facilities like pick up and drop facility from your hotel. Learning cooking from the Indian families living there is the best cooking classes in Delhi. You can learn the food my not becoming their guest but by becoming their family member. Surely this will be the best experience for you and it will help you to enhance your cooking skills.

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