Here Are Five Reasons You Will Love Banking & Finance

Here Are Five Reasons You Will Love Banking & Finance

Banking & finance is a challenging field. Everyone isn’t made for it. The jobs in banking & finance keep you crunching numbers and on your toes all the time. Apart from strong numerical skills, jobs in banking and finance require you to have good communication and interpersonal skills.  Here are some reasons as to why there’s huge demand for banking & finance roles among bright students.

1. Competitive compensation – Banking & finance industry offers the best compensation in the industry. Investment banking professionals are perhaps the highest paid in the industry. Since roles in BFSI, no longer require graduates from finance background, professionals from other backgrounds are moving in finance roles, primarily for best-in-industry compensation. Additionally, perks in the industry are incomparable to others. Investment banking certifications are gaining prominence among non-finance graduates who aspire to be investment bankers.

  1. Training & development
    Banks such as Morgan Stanley, Citi, Credit Sussie, Goldman Sachs among other banks offer unmatchable training and development which prepares you for challenges in the industry. he training and development offered by banks are tried and tested throughout bank’s history. As you progress in your career, you will acquire qualifications which will help your advance in your career. In fact, skills gained in the finance sector are applicable to most industry. Therefore, it is one of the versatile industry and skills gained will help you sail through roughest challenges and are highly valued.
  2. Constant challenges
    Private equity, investment banking, and even retail banking are rife with daily challenges. This will keep you hooked to your role. Unlike other industries, where jobs get monotonous, it is unlikely to get bored in a banking & finance role. Picture a trading scene from a movie and you will get a gist of the scenario.
  3. Unmatchable perks
    Banking & finance industry offers one of the best perks to its workers. For instance,an investment bankerenjoys international vacations and stays in luxurious hotels. Similarly, relationship managers in corporate banking enjoy business class trips for client meetings. Some investment banks offer concierge services to their bankers and vacations for their families. Investment bankers truly enjoy one of the best perks in the industry.
  4. Career growth
    Having work experience from a reputed financial institution is seen favorably across industries. If you have managed to get through a difficult application process, you will be favored by many industries. As explained earlier, banking and financial institutions have a structured training process, so it will add to your skills and help you excel at various challenges, which future employers will value in you. Graduate training programs offered by investment banks are world class in preparing graduates for real industry scenarios, which prepares you for challenging work environments which is usable across all industries.

In a nutshell, banking and finance reward as well as open future opportunities for professionals. Once you are through a finance institution, you set yourself for a rewarding, challenging, and progressive career.

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