Best 5 Credit Unions in Des Moines –All You Need To Know

Best 5 Credit Unions in Des Moines –All You Need To Know

Credit unions are a kind of collaborative financial unit that provides the traditional banking services. Whenever you open your account with the credit union, you become a member of those credit unions. There is no provision for stockholders in these unions, so they treat their members as their owners. These are the user friendly unions whose main aim is the customer satisfaction. They charge lower fees and interest as compared to the banks. This means you can save your money by joining these credit unions. They provide clients with the lower interest rates, fees on loans as their main focus is not to earn profit. Here are the lists of some best credit unions in Des Moines.

  1. Serve Credit Union: Serve Credit Union in Des Moines is the financial institution which is operated by the members of the union. It is not the profit making organization. The members of the organization collect the funds to make it useful for all other members too. If you want to be the part of it, you can contact them and be a member!
  2. Affinity credit union: This credit union works since 1949 in Des Moines. Members of this union aims to solve all the problems of its other members, also works as a nonprofit institution. Affinity is also known as the best credit union in Des Moines. The collected funds are used to assist the other members by providing them cheap loans and high returns on the money invested there in. Procedure to be its member is very easy and simple.
  3. Capitol View Credit Union: This credit union provides its members with the lowest interest rates on loans either it is home loan or vehicle loan, the rate is very low which is easily affordable by its member person. They provide many other services like bill pay, mobile deposits, home banking and the facility of e- signature. Their certificates investments are higher than any other credit union. If some people want low or even no risk investments then they can refer to the money market investments in Capitol View credit union. They are providing so many additional benefits to its customers.
  4. Cornerstone Community Credit Union: This union is one of the most leading unions in Des Moines which is famous for offering the most trusted services to its clients. Though it is not a bank but it provides loans to its members at the possible lowest rate.
  5. Marine Credit Union: This union is also one of the community choice credit union Des Moines which is referred by most of the people there. Their main focus is on providing the assistance to its members financially and providing them with the simplest procedures for acquiring loans. Members can easily acquire the loans on vehicles, house loans, car loans etc.

There are so many reliable credit unions in Des Moines, which provides its members, all possible benefits and additional services. You can examine or check details of these credit unions and chose the one as per your aspiration.

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